Would your child like to play the harp or piano? I offer private lessons for children of all levels and abilities.

What ages and levels do you teach?

I teach children ages 5 and older. Beginners should know their alphabet and be able to count.

How do I get started?

Contact me to schedule a readiness interview.

How are parents involved?

Parents are encouraged to be present during lessons.

Where are lessons held?

Northwest Tucson (in person) or online

How much does it cost?

$50/hour or $30/half hour

Harp lessons

Where do I find a harp to rent or buy?

Harps come in many sizes and qualities. I am happy to help you find a used or new harp that fits your needs.

Piano lessons

What type of piano do I need?

Although an acoustical piano is highly encouraged, students on an electric keyboard are also welcome.

What type of piano are lessons held on?

Lessons are taught on a Steinway grand piano.

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