Happystring Music

Happystring ensemble is offered as a class in addition to lessons. Students perform for each other in a master class setting, followed by a rehearsal of ensemble music.

Why ensemble?

  • Students learn to work as a team
  • Students have unlimited performance opportunities
  • Students learn from the teacher and from their peers
  • Students experience a wider variety of repertoire
  • Students learn communication and social skills
  • Students benefit from productive, positive competition

What will my child learn?

  • Focus
  • Practice techniques
  • Collaboration
  • Rhythm
  • Ear training skills
  • Sight reading
  • Interval identification
  • Technique
  • Posture
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Ensemble skills
  • Music Theory
  • Professionalism
  • Social skills

Who teaches?

Dr. Rachel Green (that’s me!) - Learn about my background

Who can apply?

Harpists preschool through high school who have the permission of their harp teacher.

How do I apply?

Contact me to apply.

Do I need to bring a harp to class?

Yes! Let me know if you need help finding a harp to rent. I have multiple contacts and can help you find a great deal.


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